Meet Our People

"The mentoring program at Claro has given me the opportunity to engage with and gain knowledge from numerous inspiring professionals across multiple geographic locations. I have been blessed to have incredible mentors and role models who take an interest in my career and help me grow both personally and professionally."

Alina AkhmetovaManager, Houston

"What I value most about working at Claro is the perpetual learning experience. The opportunity to collaborate with resourceful peers, work across diverse industries, and develop creative solutions to unique problems  – these experiences come together to provide a sense of constant personal and professional growth."

Brian ChanManager, Los Angeles

"Work Life Balance is not just a catchphrase at Claro, it’s an integral part of our culture. While the workload is often demanding, my managers have always been sensitive to my interests and commitments outside of work."

Sam FriedmanManager, Washington DC

“My favorite aspect of working at Claro truly is the people that make up the firm. The team at Claro is made up of some of the most intelligent, energetic and fun professionals I know. We are all committed to maintaining a relaxed workplace environment, working hard as a team and celebrating our successes together.”

Lily KeeferSenior Manager, Chicago
  • Alina Akhmetova
  • Brian Chan
  • Sam Friedman
  • Lily Keefer