Welcome to The Claro Group. This September marks a significant milestone for our firm as we are celebrating the 15 year anniversary of our founding in September 2005. Looking back over these last fifteen years and the many  successes we have been so fortunate to experience, I can’t help but also reflect on the challenges, hard work and dedication our many professionals have put forth that has allowed us to not only grow, but to flourish. From being selected as one of Consulting Magazine’s “Seven Small Jewels” in our early days, to growing to 5 offices across the country with a diversity of practice areas, to recently learning how to survive then thrive in a remote work environment during the ongoing pandemic. Throughout it all, we have always strived to provide our clients with world-class consulting, advisory and analytical services. As a result, our clients (many of whom we now count among our friends) have become loyal Claro supporters, both as return clients and as our most enthusiastic references. So on the occasion of our 15th anniversary, the Managing Directors of The Claro Group wish to take this opportunity to say thank you to all who have had a role in our success.


Thank you so very much for placing your trust in us with some of your most important and complex matters. It has been a great privilege to be of service to you over these past years. Our growth and continued success would not have been realized without your confidence in our abilities and believing in us, particularly when we were just a small start-up firm. Since our founding in 2005, we have made it our number one goal to provide best-in-class service and expertise, with passion, hard work, and some fun mixed in – a combination that seems to work well. We look forward to working with you in the years to come and we renew our commitment to apply our expertise to resolve your complex matters with clarity.


Thank you to those currently here and to all of those who have worked with us over the years. We would not be here were it not for your skill, dedication and teamwork. I know it has not always been easy. There have been long days and probably more than a few sleepless nights, but you accepted and met those challenges. In building and growing Claro, it has been very rewarding to be able to attract, recruit and provide exciting career opportunities for the exceptionally talented professionals we have managed to make part of our team here. Please keep up your passion for, and commitment to, working to help our clients.

Our success is a testament to your dedication to our clients and your hard work.


Thank you for the last 15 years. We had a vision of the culture we wanted to develop and the firm we hoped to build. Together we have succeeded in bringing it to life. This endeavor has been the journey of a lifetime and I am so grateful to have been a part of it with amazing partners, colleagues and friends. 

Though no one could have predicted what we all have faced during 2020, I am incredibly proud and thankful for what we have been able to accomplish during this uniquely challenging time. We have kept our focus on our people and our clients, and found a way to continue to thrive. I am confident we will grow and gain from this year and become an even better firm, building on what we learned during this most unprecedented of times.

Happy 15th Anniversary! I look forward to many more.

John Cadarette
Chairman & Managing Director