The Claro Difference

The Claro Group provides financial and management consulting services that produce measurable results. To ensure this, we have adopted a structure and set of operating principles that differentiates us from other professional services firms.

Our Values

We aim to serve all of our clients, including many of the world’s largest commercial and governmental organizations, with the goal of delivering value with clarity and integrity.

We are committed to the principles of stewardship and building a legacy firm – one that ensures the people working for us today will lead our firm forward in the future and build on our already strong client relationships.

Our Difference

As a private, self-funded company, we remain uniquely focused on our clients. We don’t have forced growth targets; just an ability to work in a way that results in high quality work product and results.

Where appropriate, we strive to quantify and measure the value that our work produces, whether assisting clients recover insurance proceeds, improve healthcare operations or drive cost savings. Many of our clients find this capability and emphasis particularly helpful when determining whether or not to pursue a strategy or when garnering critical internal support.

We combine well-honed analytical, presentation, and negotiation skills – skills that support our clients in discussions with senior management teams, vendors, opposing counsel, mediators, or other critical audiences. We can and will, if desired, take a very active role in negotiating on behalf of our clients or advocating their positions in pursuit of their interests.

Our Approach

A significant portion of our consulting work is performed on an alternative fee basis – for example, in the form of contingency fees, fixed fees plus contingency fees, or performance bonuses.

We have substantial experience identifying situations where a shared-risk fee approach may be of benefit to our clients and our private structure provides us with maximum flexibility when considering creative pricing solutions.

Where we are retained to provide independent consulting services (e.g. expert-styled retentions), we deliver fact-based analyses to assist finders of fact in their deliberations.