Mr. Paskach is a recognized expert in data analytics and eDiscovery services. He has over 30 years’ experience enabling organizations and their counsel to effectively respond to regulatory enforcement actions, discovery requests and investigations involving Electronically Stored Information (ESI). He has consistently been a pioneer in using innovative technologies to support data analytics.

Prior to joining Claro, Chris led the 225 member National Forensic Technology practice at a Big Four firm for over a decade. His team provided professional advisory and technology support to major companies and their counsel managing corporate information and responding to requests for ESI in investigations and litigation.

Earlier in his career, Chris led the western regional Strategy, Finance and Economics (SFE) consulting practice at another international consulting firm. This practice combined large-scale data analysis skills with the economics, finance and accounting capabilities of the team to deliver exceptional value to clients in both business improvement and disputes.

Experience +

Federal Grand Jury Investigation

Chris led a team supporting the analysis of more than six-million electronic documents collected from a major energy company under investigation by a federal grand jury. His team applied advanced text analytics to the document population to significantly shorten the time and reduce the cost incurred by the company to respond to the grand jury’s subpoenas. He also provided a declaration describing the process and technology applied to the document collection to support the law firm’s negotiations with the Department of Justice attorneys managing the government’s case. Chris and his team were brought in to replace the prior discovery outsourcing firms who were not able to reliably meet counsel’s needs for accuracy and speed in producing documents under the subpoena. We assisted counsel in applying Technology Assisted Review (TAR) and statistical sampling to quickly and reliably produce relevant documents and regain the confidence of the government investigators. We were told by counsel that our team had done in six weeks what the prior firms could not do in six months.

SEC Investigation of Financial Reporting Irregularities

Chris led a team supporting the processing and review of more than twenty million digital documents and files collected from the client’s accounting and financial reporting staff around the world, and assisted counsel in applying analytics to the documents to focus their massive review efforts on those emails, spreadsheets and memoranda most likely to bear on the issues of systematic earnings management. The client was able to reduce the enormous cost of reviewing the population of potentially relevant documents by more than half and meet the challenging deadlines imposed by the regulators.

Education +

B.S., Industrial Administration – Accounting, Iowa State University, 1975

Certifications +

Certified Public Accountant, Illinois 1976 (inactive), California (active since 1991)

Memberships +

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (since 1980)

Constitutional Rights Foundation – Board Member since 1996 and Current Chair

Legal Technology Professionals Institute – Founding Board Member and Treasurer

Electronic Discovery Reference Model – Duke Law Center for Judicial Studies, Advisory Panel Member 2007-2014, Current Member

The Sedona Conference Working Group 1 on Electronic Document Retention and Production, Member Since 2007

Awards +

John D. Devries Service Award – Iowa State University College of Business Administration 1988

Publications & Speaking Engagements+

Chris is a regular speaker at conferences on topics related to E-Discovery, Advanced Text Analytics, and Sampling in the discovery process. He has also published a number of articles in these areas.

“Advanced Text Analytics Tools Gain Acceptance, Use in the Legal E-Discovery Process” (with David Paskach and Eli Nelson), ACC Docket, May 2016.

“The Four Stages of Lead Partner Relationship Development” (with Jeff Andrien and Prateek Shah), Claro Newsletter, Summer 2015.

“The Case for Technology Assisted Review and Statistical Sampling in Discovery; (with F. Eli Nelson and Matthew Schwab), Published in Connection with the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and the Law DESI VI Conference: http://www.umiacs.umd.edu/~oard/desi6/papers/paskach.pdf June 2015

Served as a contributor and editor on two Sedona Conference publications: Achieving Quality in the E-Discovery Process (2009), and The Sedona Conference Database Principles 2014 Edition.

“The Challenge and Promise of Predictive Coding for Privilege” (with Manfred Gabriel and David Sharpe), Published in Connection with the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and the Law DESI V Conference: https://www.umiacs.umd.edu/~oard/desi5/research/Gabriel-final2.pdf , June 2013

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Articles & Publications

  • ACC Docket - ATA Gaines Acceptance 5/12/2016

    Chris Paskach & Eli Nelson pen article on specific analytics technologies available in the marketplace, how to pick the right solution, and how to plan for a successful experience.  Read full article HERE.