Judge Clark has extensive experience in mediation, arbitration, insolvency consultation services and litigation evaluation services. Experience with insolvency and financial restructuring across a wide spectrum of industries (including oil & gas, retail, real estate, manufacturing, shipping, health care, and cross-border enterprises) and from the perspective of both a practitioner, a judge, and an advisor to non-governmental organizations. Experience as well with the resolution of commercial disputes and international insolvency matters. Provided consultation services to nongovernmental organizations and private entities regarding insolvency law and practice.


Experience +

U.S. Bank Judge for over 25 years, presiding over a wide variety of bankruptcy proceedings under all chapters, including chapter 11 cases involving oil & gas properties, refineries, offshore oil rights, patents, licensed technologies, radio stations, office supply retailers, apartments, hotels, retirement communities, shopping centers, raw land, ranch land, cattle operations, aircraft maintenance companies, aircraft manufacturers, steel mills, plastics fabricators, and maquiladora operations. Extensive experience in case management, reasoned decision making, and learning industry practices and business structures. (1987-2012) Author of over 300 published decisions involving bankruptcy issues, Published author for Collier, Norton, and various law reviews.

Judicial Training Program (program and materials design, and program presentation) for insolvency judges in Eastern Europe (Romania, Latvia, Poland and Ukraine). Teaching leader in weeklong training sessions for over 200 judges (1995-1999). Assistance in law reform, Republic of Ukraine (1998-99). Consultation with International Monetary Fund and World Bank regarding consumer insolvency law reform initiatives (2012).

While a judge, over the last 15 years of service, acted as true mediator in a variety of disputes involving a wide variety of enterprises, including ranching, health care, franchise licensing, senior living centers, an offshore drilling company, an oil and gas exploration company, and numerous smaller disputes. A number of these disputes involved claims in excess of $200 million. In 2012, mediated a $240 million dispute involving a Greek shipping company and a consortium of European banks.

Currently conducting private mediations in commercial matters including matters in Delaware. In addition, am providing legal consultation in an international insolvency dispute, and legal evaluation services for parties.

Education +

B.A., University of Maryland

J.D., University of Houston, School of Law

Publications & Speaking Engagements+


Participant and presenter in colloquia sponsored by the World Bank (2011 and by the International Monetary Fund (2012). Regular participant in Judicial Colloquia sponsored by INSOL International (Singapore 2011, Vancouver 2010, other locales in prior years). Presenter on judicial cooperation, INSOL International (Vancouver, 2010).  Presenter, chapter 11 in the U.S., Association of Insolvency Practitioners in Germany (Berlin 2010), Presenter, International Insolvency Institute (Berlin 2008), Canadian Insolvency Conference (Banff 2008), Toronto (2010); Presenter, ABI Caribbean Insolvency Symposium (2013).


ABI Southwestern Conference (2012), ABI Georgetown Conference (2000-2010, 2012), Norton Bankruptcy Institutes (Park City, Las Vegas, Jackson Hole) (1996-2012), National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges (2010, 1994), Practicing Law Institute (1991-1994), Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Accountants (2010), Commercial Law League (2011 and prior years), South Florida Bankruptcy Bar Association (2012, 2008, prior years), NACBA (2012, 2010).


University of Texas Bankruptcy Conference (1998-2010, 2012), Texas Bar Association Bankruptcy Conference (2010 and prior years).

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